Zex - Dry Nitrous Systems - Single Fogger (Save 15%)

Zex - Dry Nitrous Systems - Single Fogger (Save 15%)
ZEX™ has designed the ultimate Smart Nitrous Oxide System.

The ZEX™ Dry Nitrous System, using ZEX™'s patented fuel control technology, reads the nitrous bottle pressure and adjusts the fuel enrichment accordingly. If it is a cool day out and the nitrous bottle pressure is around 700 psi, the nitrous system will add less enrichment than if it is a warm day and the nitrous bottle is at 950 psi. This unique feature ensures that you always have the optimum ratio of nitrous oxide and fuel, never too rich, never too lean. This ensures maximum power and safety at all bottle pressures.

Once armed, the kit is activated at wide-open throttle by a programmable electronic sensor that learns the voltage curve of your TPS sensor. This design ensures your nitrous oxide is engaged at the perfect throttle point every time.

The design of ZEX™ Dry Nitrous System makes it the simplest, safest, and easiest to install nitrous kit on the market. A complete "Dry" nitrous system. Everything is included for a safe, proper installation.

Product Features:

• Designed to work safely on both stock and high-performance, normally aspirated engines. The ideal nitrous system for many fuel injected performance vehicles.

• All major components are factory pre-assembled inside the "Nitrous Management Unit". Easy, plug and play, two-hour installation.

• ZEX Nitrous Systems have an advanced, patented feature called "Active Fuel Control". This feature monitors nitrous bottle pressure and adds or subtracts enrichment fuel. The engine never runs too rich or too lean when engaging the nitrous system.

• ZEX "Dry" nitrous systems activate at wide-open throttle, using advanced electronics that monitor your engine's throttle position sensor. This makes using your nitrous system very easy and reliable.

• Designed for return style fuel systems only.

• Everything is included for a safe, proper installation.

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