WedsSport Wheels - TC105N - Titanium Silver (Save 15%) TS

WedsSport Wheels - TC105N - Titanium Silver (Save 15%) TS
The WedsSport Wheels uses lightweight AMF technology. These wheels are a lightweight, flow formed, one piece wheel that are perfect for track or street use. The AMF (Advance Metal Forming) Technology uses a three step process. First the casting is done into a shape that is unique to flow forming. It is molding with stretching as opposed to other products that are casted in with the shape of the product. The spinning process involves an application of extensive heat, in which the rim is stretched using exclusive spinning equipment. After spinning, a machining process is done and the wheels are finished into the final product. This results in a lightweight, strong, one piece wheel.

Product Features:

AMF (Advance Metal Forming) Technology.

Wheels are available in 15, 16, 17, 18 Inch.

Staggered Fitments Available.

Wheels are Sold As Singles.

Center Caps are Sold Separately.

Imported from Japan.

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