Turbonetics - Turbo Kits (Save 10%)

Turbonetics - Turbo Kits (Save 10%)
Turbonetics Turbo Systems are for you, whether you have a four cylinder sport compact or a V-8 muscle car, Turbonetics Turbo Systems include everything you need from fuel and ignition to piping and fittings for complete bolt-on turbo performance.

Turbonetics offers complete turbo systems - from air entry to exhausting to the catalyst. The Turbonetics turbo system is a true O.E. bolt-on that does not require "hacking" in order to install.

Pieces mount to existing factory positions and maintain all optional equipment including air conditioning. With these kits you no longer have to worry about 4-6 weeks of downtime to get a kit fabricated because our kits can be installed within 8-12 hours. In addition, you don't have to worry about inexperienced tuners experimenting with your car, because our fuel and ignition management systems come pre-programmed to maintain a consistent air/fuel ratio and timing control under all conditions.





All Systems Feature:

Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbocharger (T3/T4 Hybrid or Custom T04E)

Spearco Intercooler System

Powder-Coated Intercooler Piping

Silicone Hose / T-Bolt Clamps

Exhaust Manifold - high carbon cast-steel with ceramic coating

Fuel / Timing Controller (electronic fuel / timing management system)

Fuel Injectors

"Evolution" Wastegate Assembly

"Raptor" By Pass / Blow Off Valve Assembly

Mandrel-bent ceramic coated Downpipe with closed-loop wastegate discharge

Intake System with Air Filter

All necessary Hardware, Hoses, and Fittings

* Kit contents may vary based on vehicle application

Please call or e-mail for Applications not listed.

Please call the store if you need additional help.