Turbo Kits

Turbo Kits
Part Description Superior Extreme
1 Garrett Turbo w/Internal Wastegate
1 High Nickel Composite Cast Exhaust Manifold
1 Down Pipe
1 fuel Pressure Regulator
1 Map Unit (Black box)
1 Oil Return Line and Fitting
1 Air Filter w/Piping
1 Injection Control Unit w/Turbo Timer  
1 Injector Interface Block w/Injectors  
1 Blow Off Valve  
1 High Flow Intercooler w/mounting hardware, Pressure Tubes, Rubber Hose Connections and Clamps  
Total increase in HP 30% 50%+

If you are looking for the ultimate in high performance - the TSI Extreme Turbo Kit is designed for you. Giving you the maximum bang for the buck in performance, these kits wont disappoint. Incorporating all the high performance equipment in the superior performance packages, the Extreme package includes an intercooler blow off valve, extra injectors and an injection control unit. This offers complete control for your system, increased fuel delivery, and cooler temperature gas air mixture for better burning.

The addition of this system can add as much as an additional 20 percent increase in horsepower (56% increase from your unmodified car) about and beyond the TSI Superior Turbo Kit.

What the Turbo Specialties Extreme Kit comes with:
1 Garrett Turbo w/internal wastegate @ 6psi
1 High Nickel Composite Cast Exhaust Manifold
1 Downpipe
1 Fuel Pressure Regulator
1 MAP Unit
1 Oil Return Line and Fitting
1 Air Filter w/piping
1 Injection Control Unit w/Turbo Timer
1 Injector Interface Block w/Injectors
1 Blow Off Valve
1 High flow intercooler w/mounting hardware, pressure tubes, rubber hose connections and clamps

Comes with everything necessary to install! This is a complete bolt-on!


Garrett Turbo Sizes and Core Descriptions:

T20, T25 - Garrett Conventional Floating Core Turbos
Garrett's T20 and T25 Turbos are compact, quick and powerful - very different from the slow starting Turbos of the 1970's and 80's. New technology has increased the efficiency of these Turbos, and their smaller size allows them to start up much faster. They deliver 5-15 psi to your intake (Turbos are set to 6psi before shipped out).

T25BB - Garrett T25 Dual Ball Bearing Center
Garrett's T25BB Turbo is the same size as the T25, but the T25BB (Dual Ball Bearing Center) Turbo is designed to reduce lag and improve durability. The T25BB can pump out more HP than the traditional T25, and the T25BB is perfect for Street use. You will definatley see a difference with a standard transmission when passing manuevers or making dramatic speed increases. The T25BB is designed for quick start-up from a rolling start (say going from 10 mph to 60 mph). Although the T25BB is slightly more expensive then the T20 and T25, if you're looking for a quicker start up time and more HP, then this is the one you want to go with.

TSI Turbo Kit Frequently Asked Questions:

How much horsepower can the Garrett T25 Produce?
The Garrett T25 is a turbocharger that comes stock on the second generation (1995-1999) Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbos, and makes 210hp, and on modified cars has made upwards of 300hp. It is a very capable turbo for a street car. The T25 does this with very well mannered driving and quick spool up time (especially with a Ball Bearing unit).

How much horsepower can the Garrett T20 Produce?
The Garrett T20 Turbocharger will produce about 15% horsepower less than the Garrett T25 given all the same modifications. The T20 shares the same great driving characteristcs as the T25 with quick spool, and good power.

What if I want a bigger turbo later?
You will be able to upgrade the turbo to something of your liking, but you will have to get custom work to make it mate to the exhaust manifold of the turbo kit. You will need a Garrett turbo. If you have on of these kits, and want to upgrade to a larger turbo, please contact us if you have any questions.

The turbo kit I want fits on the same motor as my car, but a different body style. Will it fit?
The turbo kits are designed to fit on specific engines and body styles perfectly. The kit comes with everything necessary to install for the engine model/body style. If a turbo kit is designed to fit on your engine but not your car, it will fit, but you might have to make slight changes, or cut/trim parts of your engine bay.

Are these turbo kits designed for cars already equipped with a turbocharger from the factory?
No. These turbo kits are specifically designed to turbocharge a car that does not come with a turbocharger from the factory. Now everyone can have the ultimate power upgrade!

How much for the kit without the turbo?
We understand lots of our customers are do-it-yourselfers and want to buy parts to make their own kit. Unfortunately, we can not seperate the turbo from the turbo kits.

Does the turbo kit come with instructions?
Yes. And if there is something you don't quite understand, our knowledgeable staff will assist you with any questions.

Is this turbo kit safe for my motor?
Yes. The kit comes from the factory set to run safely on the application it was intended for. Many of our customers have run their turbo kits for thousands and thousands of miles with great gas mileage (sometimes gas mileage even increases when off boost!), stock like driveability, and power when they need it!

Please call the store if you need additional help.