Superchips - Vivid PAQ - Power Programmers (Save 10%)

Superchips - Vivid PAQ - Power Programmers (Save 10%)
What happens when you combine the tuning expertise of Superchips with the power of the Android TM operating system? You get the all new state-of-the-art Superchips Vivid. The new Superchips Vivid is the first of its type to successfully integrate today's most popular consumer electronics with a full blown performance tuning device. The key to this new cutting edge "in cabin" tuner is the combination of Superchips vehicle tuning combined with an internet tablet that is powered by the Android operating system. The Superchips Vivid is opening up a whole new world of performance and features. As you can see... the new Superchips Vivid is in a class of it's own.

What makes the Superchips Vivid different? Just about everything. First of all, every other tuner on the market has a cord. This cord is plugged into the OBD2 port in order to download your tuning preferences. Once the tuning is complete, most tuners are unplugged and put in the box. More advanced tuners will remain plugged into the OBD2 port and displayed on the dash to display vital vehicle information.

The Superchips Vivid is like no other tuner. Instead of a cord, the Superchips Vivid has a Dongle (think of it like an antenna) that plugs into your OBD2 port. The Dongle simply hides under your dash and uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the tuner. And that's just the beginning. At the other end of this wireless technology is were the real magic begins. Instead of simply using a tuner, the Superchips Vivid uses a internet tablet that is powered by the Android operating system. This allows your tuner to do much more than just install Superchips' award winning tuning. Take a look at all the things that the Superchips Vivid can do.

Product Features:

Tuning. Industry leading tuning for trucks, Jeeps and performance cars delivering maximum horsepower, torque and world class drivability for your vehicle Tune for high performance, heavy load towing, fuel economy or off-road uses. Syncs wirelessly with your vehicle using included Bluetooth dongle. Uses Android operating systems to provide a simple yet effective user interface to make tuning a snap. 50-state emissions legal and race use only models available.

GPS Capable. No need to buy another expensive in-cabin device. Just buy a GPS antenna easily found online and GPS app for Android OS. Depending on the app, topographical maps are available for off-road uses.

Audio Equipped. Preloaded with music, video and photo applications. 8GB of internal flash memory with SD card for further expansion. Share photos or video by syncing with Facebook, YouTube, Picasa or Flickr.

Gauges. Intercept PIDs on the bus and display them in real-time. Gauges provide vital information when towing, off-road or at the track. Includes several gauge sets. Monitor EGTs while towing to avoid diesel engine troubles. Maximize track performance with real-time feedback.

Inclinometer/G-Force Meter. Uses on-board 3-axis accelerometer and graphics accelerator to measure pitch and roll. Establish entrance and departure points for turns. Make last minute car setup adjustments at the track. Monitor off-road driving performance.

Video Equipped. HD camcorder records in 720p. HD video playback. Mini HDMI out for watching video on TV. 2 MP digital camera. Easily sync video and pictures to popular social media sites.

Maintenance Minder. No more missing important maintenance intervals. Easy to setup and use. Uses include reminders for oil changes, rotate tires and more. App automatically recognizes when a check engine light is on and provides a summary. No more unnecessary time consuming trips to the dealer.

Gaming Equipped. On-board graphics accelerator exploits Android OS 3D capabilities for games and animation. interface and transition effects. Let kids and friends entertain themselves on long road trips. Many games utilize the 3-axis accelerometer for a more realistic game playing experience. Use the HDMI output to play the game on your TV and use the device as the steering wheel or controller.

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