Superchips - Flashpaq - Power Programmers (Save 20%)

Superchips - Flashpaq - Power Programmers (Save 20%)
This sleek and easy-to-use development from Superchips, the FlashPaq Tuner, gives your rig incredible gains without you needing to worry about fiddling under the hood. The FlashPaq connects directly to your OBD-II port in the cab, and opens up tons of horsepower, fuel efficiency, and torque.

What the Superchips FlashPaq does to enhance your truck is to reprogram its computer, optimizing its air/fuel ratio, remapping the transition shift points, and so brings up the limiter’s top speed. What’s more, the FlashPaq Tuner from Superchips is easily hooked up to the internet, letting you download the newest updates in programming!

Check out this programmer from Superchips: it will continue to get the most out of your truck with its ability to download new settings, and it also works with 87 octane, which will save you tons of cash in the process. The FlashPaq Tuner is a win win.

Product Features:

• Monitor engine and transmission parameters.

• More tuning options for improved control over your modifications.

• Multiple performance enhancing calibrations to choose from.

• Adjustable speed limiter and rev limiter.

• Speedometer calibration for different tire heights.

• Internet updateable through a supplied USB cable.

• Custom tuning will be available on-line.

• Large graphic screen for multiple readings at once.

• Built-in Help menus for easy use and learning.

• Diagnostic trouble code definitions and information.

• Comfortable case and large buttons for convenient operation.

Please call the store if you need additional help.