Sarona Design (1994-97 Honda Accord) 4 Door Only - Front Bumber & Side Skirts Only (Rear Bumper Not Included)

Sarona Design (1994-97 Honda Accord) 4 Door Only - Front Bumber & Side Skirts Only (Rear Bumper Not Included)
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Product Descriptions:

Sarona is one of the newest and most rapidly expanding body kit companies in the industry. From body kits to stylish fender flares, Sarona has accomplished a distinctive style and presentation with all their products. Their strong approach to their manufacturing and design perspectives has placed them on the automotive accessory map.

Their strong dedication and contribution to their products have helped them accomplish an endless streak of success in their visits to automotive shows. Recently, Sarona took their concepts to the New York Auto Show in the Jacob Javits Center where the responses and feedback they received was absolutely tremendous. Even the representatives at the company said that it exceeded their expectations.

Most automotive accessory manufacturers in the industry have limited the selection of accessories for certain car manufacturers that they will design and actually produce. Sarona has decided that they would eliminate this stereotype by not allowing themselves to narrow their product selection for a limited number of car manufacturers. Their variety is diversified with various mixtures of body kits, fender flares, spoilers, wings, etc. Whether you have a racing coupe or just an ordinary sedan, Sarona is almost guaranteed to carry a stylish new addition for your vehicle. Beyond their wide variety, their vigorous testing procedures and top-quality products ultimately certifies them as one of the most reliable and dependable companies in the industry.

Sarona has emphasized their research and development team to create pioneering designs at great values so that no consumer will be left unsatisfied. Feel the thrill of Sarona today and discover what all the hype is about!

Product Features:

High-Quality Body Kits and Accessories

Large Variety for Most Car Manufacturers

Original Designs and Modern Styles

Grade-A Qualified and Certified Products



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Honda - Accord (1994-97) 4 Door

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