Skunk2 - Camber Kits

Skunk2 - Camber Kits
Skunk2 has been making and selling camber kits since 1995. To accommodate the needs of the market, we made a significant change in 1998 by adding an oversized rectangular shaped top mount for increased positive camber adjustment. In 2000 we pioneered the use of a one-piece forged ball joint. And in 2004 we introduced the patent pending Pro-Series ball joint. Today this same design has become the industry reference standard.

The Skunk2 Camber Kits are the number one choice of many pro racing teams and have been on Honda Factory road race cars since 1997. By replacing your factory upper control arms with our camber kits, you gain the ability to correct negative camber that results from lowering your vehicle. Skunk2 front camber kits allow tuners to accurately dial in their suspension settings utilizing quick adjustment sliding ball joints. With over +/- 3 degrees of adjustment our camber kits can minimize the effects of negative camber, help reduce abnormal tire wear, and increase stability at high speeds. Skunk2 camber kits are ideal for race or street applications.

Available in Pro-Series Plus, Pro-Series, and Tuner Series.

Pro-Series Plus:

This is our flagship camber kit for enthusiasts that are serious about performance. Each camber kit comes with our one-piece forged patent pending Pro-Series balljoint. The Pro-Series balljoint features a low profile top plate for additional clearance and higher clamping loads for no-slip performance; and can quickly be adjusted from the bottom-up. The Pro-Plus camber kit also includes 3-piece low-deflection polyurethane bushings that dramatically improve handling response, feel, and performance.

Pro Plus camber kits for vehicles with Macpherson struts come with spherical bearings and aluminum top plates and require coilover suspension. Skunk2 Pro-Plus front camber kits feature high quality low-deflection polyurethane bushings that eliminate the pre-load found with rubber bushings and act like bearings, allowing the arm to pivot freely; which results in superior handling, improved feel, and enhanced response.


This is what we recommend as a good entry level camber kit. The Pro Series camber kit features the same one-piece forged Pro-Series balljoint used in the Pro-Plus kit, but instead of polyurethane bushings, the Pro uses standard high quality rubber bushings. Though the Pro kit is slightly more expensive than the Tuner series, the benefits and convenience offered by the Pro-Series ball joint provide excellent value.

The Pro Series ball joint allows for quick and easy bottom up camber adjustment. This is especially useful on lowered vehicles with short stroke shock absorbers. By using the Pro Series balljoint, the Pro and Pro-Plus camber kits have a lower profile that provides 5mm more clearance between the top of the camber kit and bottom of the strut tower. The Pro-Series ball joint also features cadmium plating for additional corrosion resistance and a trick racing look.

Tuner Series:

For the budget minded enthusiast we offer the Tuner Series; which is the same classic design that we have been offering to enthusiasts for over a decade. Each arm includes our standard one-piece forged ball joint, and uses standard rubber bushings. The Tuner series also includes our patent pending “square” washer plate for improved clamping performance and durability. Not only does the Tuner Series offer more features and superior quality over “clone” camber kits, it is also competitively priced. If you can have Skunk2, why settle for less?

The Tuner Series features our industry standard one-piece forged ball joint that we pioneered the use of back in 2000. The new "square" washer plates tie the two bolts together to improve clamping and prevent distortion of the bolt slots. Less clamping force possible when using four separate bolts and washers. Bolt slots will also distort when over tightened.

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