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Max-Gear® is recommended for use in truck and automotive differentials, outboard motor lower units or in rear axles or manual transmissions requiring an API GL-5 or GL-4 fluid. Max-Gear® is suitable for use in Limited Slip / Positrac applications. Max-Gear® is an ultra-tough, high performance, GL-5 automotive gear oil designed to provide maximum protection to heavily loaded gears while maximizing power throughput through the drive train. It outperforms other GL-5 gear oils because it combines the highest quality synthetic oils with Royal Purple’s proprietary Synslide® additive technology. Max-Gear® makes gears run smoother, quieter, cooler and longer without overhauls. Try Royal Purple® today and Feel the Difference!

Synslide® additive technology makes the difference!

Synthetic oils enable Royal Purple to make superior lubricants, but it is Royal Purple’s advanced Synslide® additive technology that gives Royal Purple’s EP lubricants their amazing performance advantages. Synslide® additive technology truly is beyond synthetic.™ Synslide® additive technology, Royal Purple’s tough, EP lubricating film, provides maximum protection under boundary lubrication conditions typically caused by heavily loaded, slow speed and / or shock load conditions. This tenacious, slippery film significantly improves lubrication and reduces wear by increasing the oil film thickness and toughness, which helps to prevent metal-to-metal contact in gears and bearings. Synslide® additive technology is noncorrosive to gears and bearings, including case-hardened gears that are easily pitted by conventional sulfur-phosphorus EP oils. Synslide® additive technology displaces water from metal surfaces and excels in protecting equipment in wet environments. It also fortifies the oil against the detrimental effects of heat, which causes oil to oxidize.

Royal Purple® Performance Advantages:

Severe Service Performance:
Max-Gear® exceeds Eaton’s stringent GL-5 / MIL-L-2105D Gear Oil Specs. Max-Gear® also is safe for GL-4 applications or bronze synchro gears.

Lower Coefficient of Friction:
Max-Gear® saves energy, reduces temperatures and maximizes power throughput. (OEM or aftermarket limited slip additives are not required.)

High Temperature Performance:
Max-Gear® eliminates harmful deposits and extends oil drain intervals.

Low Temperature Fluidity:
Max-Gear® meets operating requirements for vehicles operating in cold climates.

Shock Load Protection:
Max-Gear® reduces fatigue failures in bearings and gears.

Prevents Corrosion:
Max-Gear® protects both ferrous and nonferrous metals during operation and shutdown.

Excellent Water Separation:
Max-Gear® completely separates from water, preventing an oil-water emulsion.

Compatible with Other Oils:
Max-Gear® is compatible with other mineral gears oils and other synthetic hydrocarbon gear oils.

Meets Warranty Requirements:
Max-Gear® meets or exceeds OEM warranty requirements for GL-5 automotive rear axle hypoid gear lubrication.

Environmentally Responsible:
Max-Gear® components are TSCA listed and meet EPA, RCRA and OSHA requirements. Max-Gear® extends oil drain intervals, eliminates premature oil changes, decreases the amount of oil purchased and disposed of and conserves energy.



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