REVO - Short Shifter Kits

REVO - Short Shifter Kits
Revo's Racing Short Shifter Racing short shifter is often regards as the single most important upgrade for high performance vehicle. To fully realize the racing potential for the all-new Honda Civic and Acura RSX, the design team at Revo Technica has custom developed a racing short shifter to enhance the performance and driving pleasure of this new generation Honda Civic and Acura RSX.

No expense was spared in the Revo's Short Shifters; the fabrication and the base material are of high quality. The metal shaft was brass coated with brass for anti-rusting.

Revo's short shifter reduces the throw by 40% over the stock shifter. By reducing the shift throw, Revo's shifter offers a much faster, precise and controlled gear shifting motion. As a result, faster acceleration and lower quarter mile time will be achieved.

Revo vs. other short shifters adapter on the market? Many are using simple attachment adapter on the shifter, they simply trying to raise the gear cable connection point on the shifter to give the driver the illusion of sensing a shorter throw distance. However, this method simply won't cut it for several reasons. The adapter's screw may become lose caused by vibration over a period of time. The driver still has to deal with the lengthy stock shifter. The short shifting attachment still yields the stock shifter height. The gear engagement time is dramatically shortened and the gear engagement and disengagement is also shortened. In reality, it means that you can initially get in gear faster, and reduce the time in between shifts especially during racing applications.

Product Features:

Complete bolt-on assembly to replace factory unit. Require no modification to your current shifter.

40% reduction in shifter throws distance.

1 1/2" reduction in shifter height to ensure more precise gear shifting motion.

Simple drop-in installation. Requires an hour installation time.

Please call the store if you need additional help.