Buddy Club seats are high quality twill mesh material which is used for superior endurance. Wool mat is used in the lining for extra comfort and dryness. Buckskin is used in the shoulder section and portion of the side for durability in daily use. The shell is made with a light weight material developed for the high stress of circuit racing. The rigid seats maintain its form through out the vigorness demands of racing.

Owning an auto has become the most important necessity for modern day life as it gives you sense of freedom and independence. You can personalize your auto by adding on high-tech auto accessories like auto spoilers, hid kits, floor mats, underbody neon kit, diamond plate and racing seats which will not only boost the performance of your auto but make it look smarter and chic than ever.

Racing Seats come in a wide variety of fixed back, reclining, and off road setup to accommodate almost every kind of racing imaginable. They are not only designed for safety, but also for comfort and style. These seats are expensive and you don't want them to detract from your vehicle. Fixed back racing seats come in 5-point harness capability and come in a variety of sizes for both large and small drivers. Reclining racing seats are equipped with harness slots for 4-point harnesses. Depending on how much support you want and where you want that support there is sure to be a racing seat designed for you.

Changing your ordinary factory car seats with newly designed and stylish racing seats not only will enhance your comfort; it will certainly lend great looks to your auto interior. Racing seats are manufactured using high standard racing fiber and you can easily install racing seats without any external help following the installation guide or manual.

Product Features:

• Bucket Frame. Buddy Club’s original bucket seat frame is designed to give full support for any driving condition. It is light weight and yet super strong.

• Bucket Seat Fabric Material. Suede material was used on key areas of the seat to avoid premature wear and tear caused by the factory 3 point seat belt.

• High quality fiber mesh material was used on the seating surface of the seat.

• Wool mat was used on the back side surface for better air circulation.

• Light weight design, excellent body support & super strong.

• Provides proper body support for reduced fatigue and best driving position.

• Seat only weighs 5kg or 11 lbs!

• Buckle frame technology was used to produce one of the strongest bucket seats in the market.




Seat Rail • Vehicle specific adjustable seat rails. Different makes and models available. Buddy Club seat rails are only compatible with the Buddy Club Racing Spec Bucket Seat.

Optional Item • Harness shoulder pads provide comfort around the neck/shoulder area during spirited or competitive driving. This is one of our most popular items.

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