Top Fuel Japan - Electrical Gauges - Power Meter

Top Fuel Japan - Electrical Gauges - Power Meter
All Meters are enhanced with a Digital Stepper Drive. With this technology of the stepper motor eliminates the old conventional gears. With this in place it provides higher resolution and accurate readings. The stepper motor also provides super high torque which holds the pointer accurately in toughest racing environments/prevents pointer from overshooting at high speed movements.

Our line includes Boost, Exhaust Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, and Water Temp. These meters also are available in black or white face.

The large 60mm dial is easy to read because of the clear markings and wide 270 degree sweep.

The gauges are constructed with high grade aluminum casing, stepping motor, and illuminated with LEDs.

2.50" (60mm) Electrical

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