Nitrous Express - Ntercooler Kit (Save 20%)

Nitrous Express - Ntercooler Kit (Save 20%)
Supercharged? Turbocharged? Want more? The N-tercooler from Nitrous Express will kick up to 50 more horsepower out of your air-to-air intercooled ride. The efficiency boosting effect of the N-tercooler is awesome. If you want more, this is it!

The NX N-tercooler kit includes everything you need to add a nitrous oxide or CO2 intercooler refrigeration system to your vehicle.

Great for turbocharged or supercharged vehicles where nitrous injection is not an option, the N-tercooler is a great alternative. The oval jet tubing mounts to the front of your intercooler or radiator and sprays a super-cooled fog of gas to help reduce intake or engine temperatures.

Using either nitrous oxide or CO2, this system can reduce air inlet temperatures dramatically. In a recent dyno test, a turbocharged Honda equipped with an NX N-tercooler increased its baseline power by an astounding 52 horsepoower! It's like A/C for your intake.

Complete kit includes nitrous oxide bottle, oval nitrous rail with integrated fogger jets, stainless steel tubing, activation solenoid, activation switch, wiring, and installation hardware. The included nitrous oxide bottle can also be used for a full-blown nitrous oxide injection system.

Product Features:

Can Be Installed on Virtually Any Car, Truck, or SUV

Great for Turbocharged or Supercharged Vehicles

Can Reduce Intake Temperatures Dramatically

Add Real Horsepower Especially on Hot-Running Race Engines

Works with Nitrous Oxide or Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Oval Jet Tubing Mounts To Intercooler or Radiator

Complete Kit Includes:

5-10 lb. Nitrous Oxide Bottle (shipped empty)

Oval Nitrous Rail with Integrated Fogger Jets

Heavy-Duty Activation Solenoid

Stainless Steel Nitrous Supply Lines

Installation Hardware

Activation Switch and Wiring

Detailed Installation Instructions

Please call the store if you need additional help.