MSD Ignition - Dashhawk - Vehicle Information Display

MSD Ignition - Dashhawk - Vehicle Information Display
Keep a sharp eye on your vehicle's performance and vitals with MSD's new information display, the DashHawk! Your vehicle's computer contains a wealth of information and the DashHawk lets you tap into it all!

With the DashHawk, you can truly understand how your vehicle is performing ‑ which means you can drive more fuel efficiently on the road, race faster at the track, and spot maintenance issues before they leave you stranded. Since the DashHawk saves and records maximum values (password protected), you can also see how someone else has driven your car when you are not behind the wheel. The DashHawk displays all this information the way you want to see it, either as a bar graph or digitally.

Simply connect the DashHawk to the diagnostic port and you have access to over 100 parameters on 11 separate screens. Navigation through the screens is as simple as the push of a button. Values such as speed, engine rpm, oil pressure, coolant, oil and transmission temps, throttle position, engine load and a host of other parameters can all be viewed via the DashHawk.

As if all of that information isn't enough, the DashHawk will also record 0-60 mph times and even quarter mile times! All of this information can be recorded (up to 90 seconds) and then downloaded to a PC. Once downloaded, you can graph the information using the software supplied.

Unlike conventional analog gauges, the DashHawk provides the ability to set both visible and audible alerts when a parameter such as speed or coolant temp reaches a certain value. Set alerts on rpm and the DashHawk also functions as an incredibly precise shift light. The unit can be used as a diagnostic tool by displaying trouble codes (along with a description of each code so you know exactly what the problem is). The DashHawk gives you the ability to clear the code and see if it comes back, which can save a costly trip to the dealer. There’s no need to worry about the DashHawk becoming obsolete either. With a simple Internet connection, MSD will be able to update your DashHawk with the latest vehicles and updated features.


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