Espelir - Active Super Down - Lowering Springs

Espelir - Active Super Down - Lowering Springs
Espelir products utilize SAE9254 and new material SAE9254MHT (Vanadium mixed material) under strict quality control during all aspects of manufacturing - during heating of material, cooling, and winding to ensure proper stroke volume and spring lightness. By combining high powered technology of manufacturing and real world testing on the street and track, we can produce the best suspension setting for each specific car make. For surface coating methods, we use 3 steps of shot peening to ensure super durability of the spring. Of course, epoxy resin power coating is the finish of choice. A thorough lowering, 30mm to 70mm drop that is paired with a spring rate increase of 20% to 30%. This ACTIVE SUPER DOWN is the sports spring that makes your car look great with aftermarket wheels. The ride is kept comfortable - There is no other spring that can compare.

Espelir (ESN-276) ASD, Active Super Down - Lowering Springs, Infiniti M35, M45 (2006-10), Nissan GLC, RWD Only
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Infiniti - M35, M45 (2006-10)
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