Dynojet - CMD - Engine Management Systems (Save 10%)

Dynojet - CMD - Engine Management Systems (Save 10%)
The Dynojet CMD (Combustion Management Device) is designed to optimize the power of your OEM forced induction vehicle, while retaining the factory engine management system. The CMD is loaded with features that allow the user to precisely alter the fuel, boost and works in parallel with OBD2 (including CAN-Bus systems). Designed to be “plug-n-play” right out of the box, the CMD comes pre-wired with OEM style connectors for your vehicle, eliminating lengthy installation times and guesswork.

How does the Dynojet CMD work?

The CMD plugs directly into your OEM wire harness and intercepts signals between various sensors and the ECU. In most cases, the MAF (Mass Airflow), MAP (Manifold Pressure), TP (Throttle Position), Crank, Cam, and each fuel injector are captured and processed by the CMD to enhance each combustion event. Not only can you remap your injector pulse-width +/- 100% based on the various sensor inputs (with direct injector control), but you can also clamp (limit the output to the ECU) and remap (skew the output for larger sensors) the sensor output to suit your needs.

Product Features:

• Direct injector control (+/- 100% fuel change)

• Fuel change based on MAF, MAP, or Throttle Position

• Boost / Fuel cut defense (through MAF / MAP clamping)

• Boost Control (+/- 100% change)

• Plug-n-Play Harness with OEM style intercept connectors, no cutting or splicing is required

• Update firmware via USB, no need to return the CMD for updates

• Control Center Software™ allows for unlimited map possibilities and real time tuning (base map included)

• Up to 48 x 48 tables dimensions allows for fine tuning and precise control

• Works in parallel with OBDII vehicles, even CAN-Bus systems

• CMD can draw power through the PC USB port, map changes can be made with the ignition off, or remove the CMD and bench program

• CAN-Bus communication and expansion options yields lightning fast communication speed with the Wideband2, LCD Display, and other Dynojet products. Not available on all models*.

How much performance will I gain?

Dynojet is known for its wildly popular performance chassis dynamometers, and for good reason; they are the most consistent, repeatable, and reliable dynos in the world. Since we are the “measuring stick” for an entire industry, you can trust that our CMD will deliver real power! Typical gains on OEM forced induction vehicles are 12-36+ HP at the tire, that’s right “wheel horsepower”. Our “Truth in Power” logo resonates across the industry. From our entire line of chassis dynos, to our aftermarket performance products, Dynojet delivers!

Does it work on my car?

Since the Dynojet CMD has vehicle specific connectors, it’s not a “universal piggy-back system”. The initial models that will be supported are 2002-2005 Subaru WRX's, 04-07 STI's, with the later WRX models, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (VIII, IX & X), and Dodge Neon SRT4 following immediately thereafter. A tuner harness is also available for those who wish to add the CMD to their own application.

Please call the store if you need additional help.