DiabloSport - Predator - Flash Programmers

DiabloSport - Predator - Flash Programmers
The Predator is the most advanced tuning programmer available today. It has taken the hand-held programmer to a new level. You will notice quicker acceleration and better throttle response. If you have an automatic transmission, the Predator will also give you a firmer, more responsive shift pattern (Duramax not applicable). The Predator will raise your rev limiter a couple hundred rpms as well as it will allow you to raise your speed limiter if you have installed high speed rated tires.

A unique feature of the Predator is that is allows you, the user, to “fine tune” DiabloSports program. Since vehicles are located at different sea levels or different weather climates, the way the vehicle responds to the DiabloSport program may vary. This is due to the fact that not all vehicles respond the same. Now, here’s the good news... If you're not totally satisfied with the way DiabloSport program performs, the Predator allows you to make your own adjustments to the program.

For example: If you feel that the shift points are too firm, you can go into the program and lower the transmission line pressure (Duramax not applicable). If you feel that you can benefit from a higher shift point rpm, you can go into the program and raise shift points (Duramax & Powerstroke not applicable). If feel that you will benefit from a few more degrees of ignition timing, you can go into the program and add some timing (gas engine only). The Predator allows you to "fine tune" their program to meet your requirements.

Areas of user performance adjustments include the ability to:

• Raise & lower shift points for automatics for each individual gear (gas vehicles only)

• Increase or decrease shift firmness (gas vehicles only)

• Raise & lower rev limiter

• Advance or retard ignition timing (gas vehicles only)

• Richen or lean fuel mixture (gas vehicles only)

• Correct speedometer for gear/tire size changes (gas vehicles only, future option for diesels)

• Electric cooling fans turn on/off times

• Duramax comes with 4 levels of power (40, 60, 85 & 100 hp)

• Powerstroke comes with 3 levels of power (40, 60 & 85 hp)

• Idle adjustments for 03 GM gas

• 2003 Cobra comes with 30 minutes data logging

Other Predator (non performance) options include:

• Future performance files downloadable from internet

• Security password

• Predator troubleshooting

Another great feature of the Predator is that it offers you full diagnostic capabilities. The Predator for GM vehicles have diagnostic abilities near identical to GM’s Tech2 software. The Predator for Ford vehicles have diagnostic abilities near identical to Ford’s NGS software. Such features include the ability to read fault codes, erase fault codes, monitor live data from sensors supported and much more.

The Predator comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 2 years warranty.

The Predator is currently available for:

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