DC Sports (HHR5523) Ceramic Coated Race Header, 4-2-1 One-Piece Design, Honda Civic Si (2006-10) 2/4 Door

DC Sports (HHR5523) Ceramic Coated Race Header, 4-2-1 One-Piece Design, Honda Civic Si (2006-10) 2/4 Door
Item# DC-HHR5523
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Product Descriptions:

DC Sports race headers eliminate the catalytic converter and are tuned for all out performance for racing applications. DC Sports headers are CNC mandrel bent using data acquired from a non-contact digitizing scanner for consistent production of every system. Equal length primary piping and cylinder matching ensures the best performance for your ride.

DC Sports flanges are CNC machined, we machine-grind the flange mating surface to ensure a leak-free seal and use a robotic welder to attach the flange to the header pipes. When possible, we scallop the flanges (remove excess material) to further reduce weight. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures superior quality and a perfect fit with every header system we make.

DC Sports 4-into-1 designs (pictured) feature a unique trapezoidal merge collector that is proven to expedite gas flow better by virtually eliminating turbulence in the collector area. This design also improves ground clearance by allowing us to offset the top and bottom of the header piping.

DC Sports mild steel headers come with a proprietary temperature- and corrosion-resistant ceramic coating. Once our mild-steel systems are completed in manufacturing, they are subjected to a thermal degrease and a preliminary sandblast to prepare the headers surface for coating adhesion. Every ceramic-coated system is hand-painted to ensure an even application of coating. After verifying the proper thickness of the coating, the header is cured for proper bonding of the ceramic coating and then fine-blasted for a high-luster finish.


RACE ONLY systems are NOT C.A.R.B. exempt.



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19.7 HP @ 6700 RPM

13.7 ft/lb @ 6700 RPM


Honda - Civic Si (2006-10) 2 Door

Honda - Civic Si (2006-10) 4 Door


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