D2 Racing - Hydraulic Handbrakes (Save 35%)

D2 Racing - Hydraulic Handbrakes (Save 35%)
D2 Racing Hydraulic Handbrake Kit is a high quality aftermarket handbrake that is essential for any drift or rally vehicle. This is a universal product that can be installed into any vehicle and is specifically designed for D1, Rally, or Track racing vehicles. You should not replace or remove your standard emergency brake. This hydraulic brake is used for drifting, not parking. The drift handbrake allows the rear tire to be fully locked and will make your vehicle slide to the side. The handbrake lever can either be installed in a vertical or horizontal position for easy access while driving.

The hydraulic system connects onto the brake line that runs to the rear calipers and requires a lot less force to completely lock both rear wheels when needed. A hydraulic handbrake is used by drivers to lock up or break loose the rear wheels when they want to Drift the car sideways or spin on the spot. Drivers regularly need to turn hard left or right and there's not enough wheel lock to achieve doing so otherwise. The hydraulic handbrake is not used to stop the car. A hydraulic hand brake can be added into the rear brake line system without changing the original mechanical handbrake setup.

Product Features:

High Quality Product Constructed with CNC Aluminum

Universally Installed on Any Vehicle

Specifically Designed for D1, Rally, or Track Racing Vehicles

Will Fully Lock the Rear Tires

Handbrake Lever can be Installed in either Position

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