Allow for conversion from distributor ignition to Coil-on-Plug & deliver increased spark energy for high performance engine! AEM is proud to release its Pencil Coil ignition coils in short and long versions for enthusiasts with existing coil-on-plug systems in high performance applications, and for users looking to convert their factory distributed ignition to a coil-on-plug set up.

AEM’s Pencil Coils deliver intense spark energy for high-performance automotive applications and enable simple conversion from distributed ignition systems to coil-on-plug ignition systems. Pencil Coils work with all standard automotive spark plugs including threaded-tip style. When combined with an aftermarket capacitive discharge ignition module (CDI), AEM Pencil Coils can replace factory coil-on-plug smart coils, or users can combine Pencil Coils with a CDI module and stand-alone engine management system to covert a vehicle’s distributed ignition system to coil on plug. Pencil coils are two-wire CDI compatible.

When used with an aftermarket CDI, AEM Pencil Coils can show an increase in spark energy over factory smart coils in high-boost, high-RPM, or high-compression applications. AEM Pencil Coils are available in four- and six-inch lengths and are sold individually or in packs of four. Each pencil coil comes with a connector, connector pins, pin lock and weather seal.

Product Features:

• Compatible with all standard automotive spark plugs including threaded tip style.

• Kit includes pencil coil, connector, connector pins, pin lock and weather seals.

• Two-wire CDI compatible coil.

• Must be used with CDI ignition module.

• Available in two different lengths for optimum plug reach.

• MEASUREMENTS: Long coils measure 6.54 Inches in total length.

• MEASUREMENTS: Short coils measure 5.64 Inches in total length.

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